US tech firm expands latest software to Nigeria

January 21, 2016 10:54 am1 comment

dELL 1ABUJA, (CAJ News) – DELL, the American computer technology firm, has announced the availability of its new operating system (OS) in Nigeria.

OS10 is said to be a next-generation networking software designed to introduce new levels of software flexibility and programmability in large-scale data centre environments.

Tom Burns, Manager of Networking and Enterprise Infrastructure, said the OS10 platform was designed around new benchmarks for open software modularity so users can create the most efficient and flexible paths across networked systems.

“Modern, software-defined, data centers require a fresh approach to operations – not just for the network, but across compute and storage elements as well,” said Burns.

“OS10 gives customers a future-ready springboard to innovate their networks and data center infrastructure more quickly and consistently, affording customer’s greater efficiency and capability at scale,” Burns added.

Burns added that the new OS10’s unmodified Linux base provides distinct advantages as customers increasingly look to design applications and data centers across server, storage and networking – not just one silo.

While OS10 will have appeal for traditional network operators seeking conventional programming means, the software will also appeal to DevOps communities seeking a consistent, common development environment across server, storage and networking elements.

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