NAMEC redeems image after factionalism

February 25, 2016 8:38 am18 comments

National Association of Manufacturers in Electronic Components (NAMEC)JOHANNESBURG – THE National Association of Manufacturers in Electronic Components (NAMEC) is determined to restore its image following the end of infighting within the organisation.

NAMEC, an industry body for small, medium and micro enterprises in the electronic manufacturing sector, had been split into factions over a lucrative deal to supply set-top boxes to MultiChoice Africa for the GOtv platform it has launched all over Africa as part of the digital migration
process on the continent.

The infighting over the deal reported to be more than R5 billion emanated in one faction seeking legal action.

On Tuesday, the matter was struck from the Court Roll and dismissed with punitive costs against the applicant, Thabo Lekoete, and awarded in favour of Adil Nchabeleng, the Secretary General.

Nchabeleng conceded this had been a long drawn out battle which had been raging since the discoveries of maladministration, organisational resource misuse and the battle for the BDM Encryption Policy in favour of Black Industrialists in Manufacturing the STB’s boxes locally.

“The battle was resolved and the leadership of the organisation still rests in the most capable hands of the Secretary General and Founder of NAMEC,” he said.

Nchabeleng said the organisation was now embarking on a grand program of restoring brand integrity and confidence in the market.

“We continue our commitment to economic emancipation and industrialisation drive for our members and South Africa and to revive the ailing manufacturing sector.

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