New cloud platform offers SMEs convenience

April 19, 2016 12:40 pm13 comments
MTN Group

MTN Group

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MTN Business has unveiled a new cloud delivery platform in Rwanda and Cameroon to enable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) access cloud services with greater ease.

In a bid to create greater efficiencies, as well as enable the growth of this sector.

Dubbed MTN Business Cloud Services platform, the web portal will also be available in Swaziland, Ghana and Uganda by the end of April 2016, and will provide a comprehensive view of the product portfolio available for business customers from MTN, as well as its partners.

“This platform was developed to address some of the pain points experienced by our SME customers, in particular. As MTN Business, we are acutely aware that to enable the growth of this key sector, ease of access to solutions that drive efficiencies and lower costs, such as Cloud, is vital,” said Debbie Minnaar, Acting Executive, MTN Group Enterprise
Business Unit.

She said through the MTN Business Cloud Services platform, the emphasis was on simplifying this process and meeting customers’ needs.

“Essentially we are putting control in our customers’ hands,” said Minnaar.

SMEs have been recognised as a key sector of local economies, particularly in emerging markets, where formal SMEs contribute up to 45 percent of total employment and up to 33 percent of gross domestic product.

Omotayo Ojutalayo, General Manager for SMEs, MTN Group Enterprise Business Unit, said the company recognised, the value of SMEs in our markets and we are committed to aiding their growth and development.

“Within the scope of MTN Business, we have a significant opportunity to become an effective strategic partner of SMEs and to contribute to this key sector of the economy by providing relevant and cost effective ICT solutions tailored for this segment, such as the MTN Business Cloud Services platform,” said Ojutalayo.

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