Accounting made Easy for Kenya SMEs

May 27, 2016 8:13 am6 comments

MTN Business and the online accounting tool, SMEasyNAIROBI, (CAJ News) – SMALL business owners in Kenya are set to benefit  from a partnership between MTN Business and the online accounting tool, SMEasy.

MTN Business EasyAccounting will give entrepreneurs with no accounting  knowledge or training, the ability to perform crucial finance and related  business tasks.

The cloud-based solution features essential capabilities such as quoting and invoicing, complete money management, customer communication, simple  reporting and an accountant dashboard. MTN Business EasyAccounting also  includes an easy to use payroll facility which generates payslips for employees.

Omotayo Ojutalayo, General Manager, Small Medium Enterprise, Channels, MTN  Group Enterprise Business Unit, said the small business sector is the  lifeblood of most economies in Africa.

“As MTN Business, we have a particular interest in enabling and inspiring the growth of SMEs to stimulate economic inclusion in our markets,” said  Ojutalayo.

He said the partnership with SMEasy complements this approach, as the  solution would enable entrepreneurs to make a meaningful economic  contribution, while also sharing in the growth of local economies.

Darlene Menzies, Chief Executive Office of SMEeasy, said they were looking  for a channel for growth by access to customers beyond the traditional  market of South Africa, and into the rest of Africa.

“We are excited about the partnership with MTN, as we believe it will empower and grow start-ups and small businesses across the continent,” said Menzies.

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