Technology strengthens Uganda border security

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border-securityKAMPALA, (CAJ News) – UGANDA is making the most of technology to speed visa issuance and strengthen border security.
The landlocked East African country’s adoption of technology is anticipated to help the country facilitate travel, enhance national security and protect travelers from identity theft.
Gemalto, the Dutch-based international digital security company, is spearheading the drive.
It is supplying the Directorate of Citizenship and Immigration Control (DCIC) with its Coesys Visa Management that combines swift issuance of all visas and permits with biometric enrollment upon arrival.
Gemalto is supporting the new solution with integration, deployment, maintenance and training for immigration officers.
Its turnkey solution incorporates a convenient online portal to apply for visas and permits at any time prior to travel.
Legitimate visitors receive their Electronic Travel Authorization by email. Upon arrival in Uganda, visitors get their visas after ETA check, verification of passports and collection of their biometric data (fingerprints) to uniquely match travelers to the documents they are presenting.
Ari Bouzbib, Senior Vice President of Government Programmes at Gemalto, says the new project puts Uganda at the forefront of enhanced immigration solutions in East Africa.
The system also fits with the regional initiative to deploy a single tourist visa programme across Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.
“This enables Ugandan authorities to readily identify travelers and reinforce national security,” adds Bouzbib.
Anthony Namara, Project Coordinator at the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Control, says Gemalto Coesys Visa Management provides a fast and flexible response to the challenge of large-scale regional migration.
“Gemalto answered our need for a strong, secure solution, based on international standards and in line with Uganda’s objective to facilitate travel,” says Namara.
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