ZACR explains recurring email bounce-backs

January 30, 2017 8:46 am22 comments

zacr-chief-executive-officer-lucky-masilelaJOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THE ZA Central Registry (ZACR) has explained the challenges faced by some users when utilising their ZAdotCity email addresses.
ZACR, a non-profit organisation, explains these challenges materialise because organisations have email systems that are still only able to recognise domain names and associated email addresses that have two or three character labels.
These deny access to the new Top Level Domains (TLD) that go beyond two and three character labels.
“The relative newness of the ZAdotCity domain names and consequently email addresses associated with them may result in challenges to user communities,” explains Lucky Masilela, ZACR Chief Executive Officer.
“For example, email servers and policies within public and private organisations may not recognise or allow access to emails having a ZAdotCity extension such as,” adds Masilela.
ZACR is calling on local IT Managers to review and adapt their organisations’ email system policy to accept email communication with a .capetown (‘dotCapeTown’), .joburg (‘dotJoburg’) and .durban (‘dotDurban’) domain name extension.
ZACR administers and manages a number of .ZA Second Level Domain Names, such as CO.ZA; NET.ZA; WEB.ZA and ORG.ZA
In 2014, it assumed responsibility for administering three ZAdotCity domain – .capetown (dotCapetown), .durban (dotDurban) and .joburg (dotJoburg).
There are currently over 11 000 ZAdotCity domains that have been registered by the ZACR and its registrar partners since the first domains were made available for public registration in November 2014.
Masilela says ZACR has grown the domain into over 1,1 million Second Level Domain (SLD) registrations.
He assures with the support of South Africa’s IT community, they can likewise grow dotCapeTown, dotJoburg and dotDurban to impressive levels with all the associated benefits to the country.
“South African individuals and businesses need to stand out from the worldwide web clutter, which is enabled by ZAdotCity names.”
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