Scammers revel at growth of digital banking

February 20, 2017 1:45 pm109 comments

yolande-steynJOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CONSUMERS have been urged to be more vigilant and familiarize themselves with the different types of online banking fraud, in the wake of a surge of cybercriminals.
The culprits are making the most of the access to banking services through digital channels continuing to grow.
Yolande Steyn, Head of Innovation at First National Bank, said, “We view security as an integral part of a seamless online banking experience.”
“Therefore, due to the prevalence of banking scams, we urge consumers to be more vigilant.”
FNB, she said, proactively closes down fraudulent phishing websites used by criminals to try and access customers’ confidential banking details.
She mentioned the most prevalent swindles as, flight purchase debit scams, social media scams, change of banking details scam, copy of payment notification scam, 419 scams, vishing and smishing scams OTP Email Fraud and OTP SIM Swop Fraud.
“Remember, the bank will never ask for your username, password or PIN in an email, SMS, social media or phone call. Never select a link to our website that was sent via email. Always type in FNB’s web address,” advised Steyn.
Her bank is one of the biggest in South Africa.
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