West African innovation inspires Facebook

March 7, 2017 3:18 pm6 comments

FacebookLAGOS, (CAJ News) – AN executive from Facebook has expressed inspiration at the level of innovation in the continent, particularly the West African bloc.
Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer at the American social media and networking corporation, said he would be taking feedback and inspiration from the developer and content creator communities back to California, following his just-concluded visits to Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.
Cox is the most senior Facebook executive to visit Nigeria since Mark Zuckerberg visited Lagos in September 2016.
“It’s been an inspiring week meeting with some of the top artists, publishers, entrepreneurs, developers, and social media stars across the region,” said Cox.
He said West Africa was the region that created some of the most interesting cultures in the world – from food, to fashion, to music, to art.
“They are at the leading edge of using mobile technology to build communities in their cities, countries, and around the region, and in solving local problems with local solutions. We left inspired, and with insights on the real challenges we have to improve our services — from internet connectivity to more regional support and tools.”
Nigeria, the most populous country in the continent, with over 185 million
people, is a key market for Facebook.
More than 8,6 million people in the country uses Facebook on mobile daily.
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