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June 19, 2018 9:46 am5 comments
BetwayKENYA’S Football Association has been under a lot of scrutiny for the lack  of funds and corruption in the recent times.

Recently, the club was unable to raise Sh2 million to send their players of  Gor Mahia to South Africa’s Super sport United in the Confederation of  African football Champions League.

Gor Mahia is one of the most popular and talented clubs of the country, a  bet favourite on the Betway Kenya.
Despite that, the Kenya Premier League winners are still unable to manage  the amount for themselves and represent their country.
How to Make it Right?  The youth of Kenya largely associates them with  football and is interested both in watching as well as playing the game.
However, several issues including a negligent and corrupt system has left  many of its teams without any money or sources to play.
There needs to be a more focus on transparency and the need for ensuring that proper talent is groomed.
It could be done by realizing and recognizing the talent in the country,  and ensuring that they have the right resources to help them succeed.
 For instance, giving them access to the right kits and  ensuring  that  they have the time to focus on what they love doing – playing football –  can help them develop as professional footballers and bring in more glory to the country.
The Role of Football Clubs The football clubs could definitely do better  with a new business model that plays to their and the game’s strengths.
The game is the biggest representative of the sports industry in the  country and therefore, would do well with publicity.
For example, organisations like SportPesa could the top most clubs in the  country.
This will not only bring money to the players but also increase the business  of the organisation amongst the fans of the sport.
It’s what is needed to drive in football growth in the country. Sports persons, even on international scale, have a wide audience which is devoted  to them.
A club can use this to their advantage by working as a public-spirited  organisation. They could reach out the community from time to time and  serve them to build a strong bond.
As a result, the public would feel connected with them and would help out  the club even at the time of crisis.
The Success of Football in Kenya Though they look unimportant, the commercial success of football in Kenya is correlated with his International  position.
The country suffers from perpetual famine and therefore, is unable to  provide its players the nutrition they need to win. Thus, nobody  has  ever  seen any of the African countries as a threat in the FIFA World Cups.
The country needs to adopt better and more European economic policies to  serve its players better. The clubs need to be sponsored and given adequate  equipment to improve their stance.
Making a mark on the international front, would put can Kenya on the map and  help the nation with its larger problems as well.
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