Mobile firm denies involvement in branded contraceptive ad

June 17, 2015 10:11 am0 comments

ABUJA – THE country’s largest mobile network operator has denied responsibility of photograph of a branded contraceptive currently trending on social media platforms. MTN Nigeria distanced itself through a public notice released on Tuesday. “Our attention has been drawn to a photograph of an MTN-branded contraceptive (condom) currently making the rounds […]

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ITU: No extension to digital broadcasting deadline

June 16, 2015 12:11 pm2 comments

HARARE – COUNTRIES that are likely to miss Wednesday’s deadline the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) set to switch from analogue to digital broadcasting have suffered a setback after the organisation insisted the deadline would not be moved. There are indications Zimbabwe, alongside, Nigeria and South Africa, among other countries would […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Rwanda lead way in digital broadcasting transition

11:16 am0 comments

KIGALI – RWANDA said it was ahead of Wednesday deadline set by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) to switch over from analogue transition to digital broadcasting. Reacting to questions from CAJ News Rwanda Bureau, Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) Head of Communication and Media Regulation, Jean Baptiste Mutabazi, said all […]

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