African corporate urged to embrace eLearning

Rubiem Training Institute CEO, Chris Tenga
Rubiem Training Institute CEO, Chris Tenga

ARUSHA – eLearning is a concept whose time has now come. This is according to Chris Tenga, CEO of rubiem Training Institute (rTI).

In a 2014 survey by rTI, the uptake of eLearning and online training in Africa is generally still low, meaning that organizations are spending a fortune on learning materials and logistical expenses which are totally avoidable where they to deliver such training online.

Relatively, most organizations today have modern, stable technology platforms and connectivity upon which eLearning and online training can easily be delivered.

If fact there is now a deliberate migration from intranet-based Learning Management Systems to web-based learning platforms which are scalable in terms of content and access media.

“The benefits of eLearning and online training to both the learners and the organization are just too significant to ignore. Firstly, there is the flexibility of learning from anywhere, any time.

Then there is a massive cost saving achieved by eliminating costs related to material printing, learner travel, accommodation, venue hire, meals, equipment, etc.

Probably the biggest benefit from eLearning is the opportunity to deliver exceptional learner experience via interactive eLearning platforms which puts the locus of control into the hands of the learner rather than the trainer”.

Chris explained that in rTI’s current work on developing and implementing eLearning solutions for their clients, they have realized that the young modern learner wants to have an enjoyable learning experience. Hence, eLearning platforms must be designed as an employee ‘touch point’, which guarantees good connectivity, self-service on routine requirements such as registrations and exams and fast download speeds. Asked to elaborate on other benefits for organizations, Chris had this to say;

“In a corporate learning setup, especially today’s dynamic environment where strategies, value propositions, products, services and customers change at a supersonic speed, there is need for continuous review of learning content i.e. programmes, courses and modules.

In the context of eLearning, it has thus become easy to review, upgrade and update learning content since this is done online.

The greatest capability that HR functions now require is no longer the ability to manage venues and flip charts, but to manage content and engage content development partners who understand eLearning.

NB: Chris Tenga is CEO of Rubiem Training Institute

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