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MTN intensifies fibre network roll-out

MTN intensifies fibre network roll-out

JOHANNESBURG – MTN believes an open access business will provide its customers and independent Internet service providers (ISPs) who are utilising its fibre to the home (FTTH) network with flexibility and a seamless customer experience.

MTN  is currently deploying this high speed fibre network in neighbourhoods across the country.

It has successfully deployed FTTH to the gated community of Monaghan Farm outside of Johannesburg, and it is currently trenching in a number of suburbs including Parkmore, Morningside and Lonehill in Johannesburg.

Eben Albertyn, Chief Technology Officer, MTN South Africa, says MTN South Africa is committed to an open access network environment in which it supplies world-class fibre infrastructure for service providers to offer residential customers solutions that provide high-speed internet connectivity.

“Such is our focus on creating an enabling environment to promote cost-efficient and flexible internet services, that we will have a wholesale commercial product offering for interested fibre to the home internet service providers by mid-August,” says Albertyn.

An open access network is a flexible platform that will allow any ISPs with a valid Electronic Communications Services License, and who has signed an agreement with MTN, to integrate the services they provide to end users.

“The key advantage of an open access network is that residents will have multiple options, and MTN will be holding discussions with a number of ISPs in order to provide its customers with a wider selection,” says Albertyn.

MTN has appointed a team of specialists to focus on the wholesale offering and to begin discussions with all interested service providers.

Albertyn says MTN is focused on providing all South Africans with the means to benefit from the digital way of life.

“At MTN, we strive to provide valued customers with a distinct customer experience by deploying a world-class network. This is one way that MTN is leading the way towards a bold, new digital world.”

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