Uni-comms market experiences growth in SA

Stefan Mayer-1JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – CORPORATE AV Integration, the implementer and integrator of corporate audiovisual solutions, has reported a rising demand for such solutions among South African companies.

Managing Director, Stefan Mayer, said this reflected a global trend, suggesting 56 percent of large and 66 percent of small and medium organisations planned to implement or upgrade unified  ommunications and collaboration (UC&C) solution solutions within the next year.

“We are getting many queries from companies who want to use high-definition video for virtual meetings, training, workshops, and more,” Mayer said.

“We’re seeing a few big drivers for adoption of such solutions: the rising costs of international travel because of the battering the Rand has taken; the need to reduce corporate carbon footprints; and growing traffic in the major cities. Companies realise that reducing air and land travel is a good way to help the environment. It also improves workplace satisfaction because most people don’t want to spend their lives in traffic or in airports.”

Mayer said South African companies are becoming particularly interested in videoconferencing and telepresence elements of unified communications. In the past, Internet connectivity was too patchy and too slow to support these bandwidth-hungry applications, particularly among smaller companies that used to depend on ADSL lines.

He noted many companies are becoming aware of the business benefits that the videoconferencing and telepresence elements of unified communications can bring as they try keep business costs under control while enhancing productivity.

Corporate AV Integration was founded in 2011 to provide corporate AV and radio frequency (RF) solutions that help clients to maximise their return on investment in these complex and potentially expensive technologies. Its vision is to become Africa’s leading provider, implementer and integrator of corporate AV solutions.

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