Software firm urges miners to embrace technology

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JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – MINING companies in the continent have been encouraged to adopt modern database management systems to enhance operations.

Pedro Guerreiro, Head of Sales: Energy and Natural Resources at SAP Africa, the multinational software corporation, said adopting such technologies would increase their income-generating capacities.

“Mining has a lot of useful chaos – the means to shape that resides in big data and the Internet of Things,” said Guerreiro.

“The bedrock of this approach is how mining firms are able to establish real-time and day-to-day insights to their operations, discover efficiencies through automation, respond proactively to challenges on the ground, and manage value chains in new ways. Above all, it opens the door towards building new business methodologies for the mining operations of tomorrow.”

Guerreiro pointed out that mines move assets and commodities through a large web of suppliers and clients.

Great benefits are being found when these interactions are automated and orchestrated through a single source-to-source supplier platform.

“Automated invoice, verification and billing systems enable mines to spot discrepancies as well as take advantage of early-payment bonuses. Automated logistics also deliver efficiency, such as fine-tuning transportation loading with exact quantities.”

Guerreiro said by using Internet of Things platforms, sensors and predictive analytics could reduce time spent on the maintenance of assets.

“Breakdowns can be predicted and staff directed in real-time through mobile platforms to address failures,” he said.

According to SAP’s own research, such solutions can reduce an operation’s annual maintenance costs by over 30 percent.

“Sensors and big data can also ensure the optimal use of mining assets – not just on-site, but across the company’s entire ecosystem. Underperforming assets can be identified and allocated across the scope of all operations,” said Guerreiro.

He highlighted the importance of a technology solution, which must illuminate an operation’s financial character, providing tools and insights for managers.

“It’s not only a concept that has shown remarkable improvements for countless industries but is the future of technology. Instead of relying on the Diaspora of machines, software suits and fragmented data pools of the past, modern business solutions resemble SAP HANA,” said Guerreiro.

SAP HANA is an in-memory, column-oriented and relational database management system.

Guerreiro highlighted the system’s effectiveness.

“It requires a focused and specialised solution to get the job done – both from a technology view and the human support and expertise that makes it happen.”

– CAJ News,

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