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MTN, Telefonica seal strategic partnership

digital-dilemma-Telefonica-prepares-for-futurePRETORIA, (CAJ News) – IF events of the past few days are taken at face value, President Jacob Zuma and his advisors have stooped low.

To fire a widely respected Minister on Wednesday night, replacing him with a largely-unknown individual, then remove the replacement on Sunday night and recalling a minister demoted from the same position a few years ago, suggests they have.

Nhlanhla Nene was in a surprise move removed from his position last Wednesday and David van Rooyen thrust into the position.

In a more surprising move on Sunday, President Zuma recalled van Rooyen and replaced him with Pravin Gordhan.

It may sound as if President Zuma bowed down to the public outcry or heeded to the nation’s outcry to remove van Rooyen.

In my opinion as Editor-In-Chief of CAJ News Africa, President Zuma is far from stupid and is s shrewd politician.

In what could be a masterstroke on his side, President Zuma could have tricked the nation into believing he genuinely fired the little known van Rooyen following public outcry, yet in reality, he has accomplished his mission.

In my opinion, President Zuma’s mission was to constitutionally use van Rooyen to sign the cheque the South African Airways (SAA) desperately needed.

Nene was a stumbling block.

President Zuma would have made his calculations cleverly in terms of intelligence, but to the water-mouthed opposition political parties and economists, they would brand President Zuma a circus yet in reality he knows this intelligence game better than the so-called academics.

In my view, President Zuma always lets the people underestimated his academic qualifications.

He is an erstwhile African National Congress (ANC) intelligence operative.

President President Zuma can be underestimated at anyone’s own risk.

– CAJ News

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