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Money transfer service expands to Europe

money transfer EUJOHANNESBURG – SIMBAPAY, a leading digital money transfer provider, has expanded its nstant Africa money transfer service to five new countries in Europe.

The service has been expanded to France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain following a pilot that has been running for three months in the countries.

SimbaPay will be expanding to another six countries, not yet disclosed, by the end of March.

Nyasinga Onyancha, Chief Executive Officer, for SimbaPay, said with the expansion, their goal of connecting all Africans living abroad to any mobile money wallet or bank account in Africa “just moved one step closer.”

“We’re quite pleased to deliver this to Africans in the European Union and partner banks in Africa that have been requesting we expand the service to these new territories,” said Onyancha.

According to the World Bank, Africans abroad currently send home an estimated $64 billion annually, which is more than double the $30 billion that it receives in foreign aid.

To send money via SimbaPay, Africans living in the EU with a bank account or debit card simply need to download the SimbaPay app from the Apple AppStore or Google Play and proceed to make money transfers straight from
any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Apart from sending money direct to mobile money services such as M-Pesa, customers can also send money to bank accounts in Africa and to Pay Bill merchants such as schools and utility companies among others.

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