Biggest data centre expanded

February 29, 2016 2:51 pm3 comments

JOHANNESBURG – TERACO, the continent’s sole vendor neutral  data centre, is expanding its existing colocation facility in Isando to create Africa’s largest data centre.

The project comprises 17,5 km2.

The build brings the total size of the Isando facility to 9 km2 and 18,5 km2 of utility space.

Gys Geyser, Head of Operations at Teraco, says the build, which is an extension of services and white space, is a milestone for Teraco and the African data centre industry.

“In this expansion of our footprint, we are achieving what few companies have; building the largest data centre in Africa in accordance with modern international standards,” says Geyser.

“We now have a total of 16MVA of power, which will ensure that we can adequately power the all the data centres, as well as ensure that they are properly cooled and maintained.”

Initially launched seven years ago, Teraco has quickly established itself as the leader in terms of data centre operations in Africa.

“We have seen an increase in demand based on the number of local and international cloud, content and network providers coming into Africa, as well as from existing clients. Teraco has also seen growth in the ICT sector, particularly from within the managed service provider segment,” says Geyser.

With an estimated 18-month build time, Geyser says Teraco’s new site should be operational towards the end of 2016.

There are some unique elements included in the build.

Teraco has implemented a Dynamic Free Cooling system.

After completing an Environmental Impact Assessment, Teraco was granted permission to store 210 000 litres of diesel on site.

This will enable Teraco to run all the data centres for a minimum period of 40 hours at maximum load, again guaranteeing uptime.

“The overall design and build of the new data centre is focused on achieving international data centre design, build and operating standards but with our clients’ current and future needs in mind,” says Geyser.

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