E-commerce firm empowers Nigerian women

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E-commerce firm empowers Nigerian womenLAGOS – THE continent’s biggest e-commerce establishmentcelebrated its leadership on International Women’s Day. Jumia prides itself on the fact its leadership for Nigeria is “100 percent” female.

Juliet Anammah and Fatoumata Ba, albeit coming from different backgrounds, have joined forces to lead Jumia Nigeria towards greatness.

Anammah comes with more than 15 years’ experience in consulting with leading firm Accenture in Nigeria while Senegalese-born Ba led Nigeria’s largest online retailer earlier on in 2015 after having first founded and successfully grown Jumia in Ivory Coast since 2013.

Jumia has one of the highest proportion of women leaders in Africa and globally, with a whopping 40 percent women managers, managing directors or chief executives officers.

Jeremy Doutte, CEO of Jumia Africa, said diversity and gender parity were a reality at Jumia Africa.

Doutee said this had been achieved by letting all talents blossom, and women had benefited from our equal opportunity environment.

“Jumia has extremely talented women at all levels of the organization, across all countries. Our companies in Kenya and in Nigeria are led and managed by women and they are doing fantastically well. We truly believe this is just the beginning,” said Doutte.

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