IT boosts relations between Nigeria hotels, clients

hotel 4LAGOS, (CAJ News) – A new partnership is poised to change the face of the local hospitality industry by facilitating seamless transactions between hotels and their guests.

Interswitch, an Africa-focused digital payments and commerce company has partnered with SlimTrader, Sub-Saharan Africa’s leading turn-key ecommerce solution provider for businesses, on the deployment of a new payment
monitoring portal on the ‘MoBiashara for Hotels’ (MFH) platform.

Prior to the deployment of this feature on the MFH platform, officials said, hotels had no means of verifying payments for walk in guests from bookings on MFH’s partner travel booking sites.

“The lack of clarity meant that payments had to be verified via phone calls or emails – a very inefficient model,” said Akeem Lawal, the Divisional Chief Executive Officer, Switching and Processing at,
Interswitch Limited.

“This is the reason why Interswitch; the brand driven to innovate and push the boundaries of digital payments in Africa for the past 13 years, has partnered with SlimTrader to be the clearing house for payments from online bookings that are facilitated via SlimTrader’s MoBiashara for Hotels platform.”

Lawal said the biggest problem that the Payment Monitoring Portal solves is the lack of visibility by hotels into their financial position and condition at any point in time.

For hotels connected to SlimTrader’s MFH, the portal provides real time display of all payments made to the hotel; whether those payments were made online on the hotel’s website, on other travel agency sites or in the hotel’s premises.

“This means that those customers will no longer be confronted with situations in which a hotel is unable to confirm their payment. It also means that hotels will know exactly how much is in their account for settlement at each point in time, allowing them to plan their business more effectively.”

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