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SAP assures continent on security around cloud

From left is SAP Nicola Leske, Rob Enslin, Bernd Leukert and Steve Singh at a press conference in Orlando, USA, pic by Savious Kwinika (1)By SAVIOUS KWINIKA in Florida, USA
FLORIDA, (CAJ News) – THE world’s foremost software corporation has urged the African continent to overcome security concerns and make the most of the security, flexibility and efficiency of its cloud solution to enhance their operations.

Officials from SAP, the Germany-headquartered firm that is the industry leader, advocated for the embracement of such technology, particularly its HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC).

Responding to questions from CAJ News Africa in Orlando, Florida in the United States, where SAP is holding a global seminar, SAP President for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Franck Cohen, said the new cloud solution ensured efficiency, security and flexibility for business deployment in Africa and the world over.

“We deploy our solutions equally whether it’s America, Europe or Middle East. So, Africa is not an exception,” said Cohen.

“Africa must not be concerned or threatened at all since our cloud systems are of best the business practice across the globe,” he assured.

SAP General Manager for EMEA, Steve Stathis Tzikakis, echoed Cohen’s sentiment during a media roundtable.

He described HEC as the first cloud service of its kind in the world designed to support both local and multinational customers after realization hosting data offshore was seen as a challenge.

Tzikakis said HEC would offer the market real-time technology capabilities, adding the solution was enabled by SAP HANA, SAP’s ground-breaking in-memory platform.

“All SAP solutions are of quality. Most importantly, they are tried and tested. When we introduce such solutions, we deploy standard services across the globe without undermining certain parts of the globe. This is why every business both large and small always simple but with success when deploy SAP solutions,” said Tzikakis.

Swiss property developer, Jaan Saar, also dispelled the security fears.

From humble beginnings as a firm employing five people, it boasts staff numbering over 100.

Saar said his Swiss Property company had since become a household name in Switzerland due to its deployment of the latest cloud technology.

Sarr said the deployment of HEC enabled the company to efficiently design, build, provide and manage properties.

“Instead of focusing on building properties, we now design property plans, build, provide as well as manage. All these are possible due to SAP HANA,” Saar said.

HEC was in April launched in Johannesburg, South Africa following other successful events around the world.

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