Technology set to change face of Nigeria healthcare

interswitch cardLAGOS, (CAJ News) – INTERSWITCH Transnational, the leading digital  payments and commerce provider, is set to transformation the health sector  with the launch of Interswitch Hospital Management Solutions (IHMS).

The offering is a shared outsourcing infrastructure to help manage  non-core functions such as patient record keeping, claims management and  other administrative services.

The solution enables care providers to focus on their most essential  services without being burdened by time-consuming data management tasks,  giving them the ability to pay added attention to keeping their patients

Speaking about the benefits offered by IHMS, Chinyere Don-Okhuofu,  Interswitch Head of Industry Vertical Markets, said healthcare in Nigeria  was plagued by severe challenges from lack of adequate technology
infrastructure and high operational costs to manual submission and  processing of health claims.

“As it currently stands, Healthcare Providers and Insurers simply do not  have the capacity to manage all of these non-core functions, while still  giving their patients the proper care they need,” said.

She said patients will enjoy seamless access to quality healthcare and the  multiple functionality of their cards, which include care, payments and  savings.

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