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Microservices emerge the next step in software

Microservices  in softwareDURBAN, (CAJ News) – MICROSERVICES are fast becoming the de facto development method to ensure applications that are robust, highly scalable  and easy to pivot for any challenge amid the modern era of cloud and third  platform technologies.

This is the observation made by an industry expert who noted whereas  traditional monolithic applications are layered and hard to separate,  microservices are independent components to a larger whole, fulfilling
individual tasks.

“Microservices are a true revolution in both development and how  applications operate,” said Barney Buchan, Chief Executive Officer of  Dev2, the company contracted to develop for Warewolf.

“But development packages aren’t coming to the party with similar  mindsets. Through Warewolf, the aim is to bring the ease and logic of the  microservice world to any company’s development environment.”

Microservices are a more concrete and modern interpretation of  service-oriented architectures (SOA) used to build distributed software  systems.

Warewolf is a unique, open source software and incredibly easy to use, and completely visually based. It makes developers lives very easy, for building of line of sight apps, easy integration and microservices can be embedded, meaning they are completely reusable.

This unique tool makes it very easy to build sophisticated applications in  a really visual, drag and drop environment.

Developed with the best both proprietary and open source development has to offer, Warewolf is secure, robust, enterprise-grade and ideal for DevOps (development and operations) environments.

Warewolf is on-premise and cloud ready. It also features on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Companies eager to test how Warewolf can change their development environment can try a risk-free 30 day trial.

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