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Social media jammed as Zimbabwe runs riot

social networksHARARE, (CAJ News) – THE Zimbabwean government has come under fire for jamming social media platforms during unprecedented protests against the economic meltdown.

Services such as the popular Whatsapp were reportedly shut jammed to minimize communication and mobilizing among the enraged public amid fear of a rebellion against the government.

The opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) denounced the tampering with social media platforms.

“Reports that the Zanu PF regime has jammed some social media platforms such as WhatsApp are very regrettable and quite depressing. Only fascist and Stalinist regimes are capable of doing this kind of despicable thing,” the party said.

The party called upon the government to immediately restore the functionality of all social media platforms.

“The people of Zimbabwe are now sick and tired of a renegade and morbidly corrupt regime,” said MDC.

Protests have gripped Zimbabwe following the ban on the importation of some commodities from neighbouring South Africa.

The protests have spread to the capital Harare where police have been involved in running battles with furious members of the public.

Scores have been arrested and a number of people, including police officers, injured.

Zimbabwe, was a thriving economy once hailed as the Breadbasket of Africa, is beset by economic and political problems that have led to a quarter of the 13 million population leaving the country.
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