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Kaspersky proposes active approach to cybercrime

Riaan Badenhorst, the Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Africa
Riaan Badenhorst, the Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Africa

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – DECISION makers need to embrace a more proactive strategy to tackle the myriad of security threats, an industry executive has proposed.

Riaan Badenhorst, the expert, said it was no longer good enough for organizations to merely be reactive towards these risks.

Badenhorst, the Managing Director of Kaspersky Lab Africa, said companies need to look beyond the traditional viewpoint that cyber security only entails a firewall, an anti-virus solution, and some Internet filters.

“Instead, it has evolved to become a process that is completely integrated into the running of the business,” said Badenhorst.

The executive noted that finding a cyber security approach that took care of fundamental corporate protection, in addition to advanced threats, could mean the difference between growing the business and closing it down.

“Attacks are inevitable with breaches happening more than many companies care to admit, or even know of.”

Cyber security policies need to be reviewed on an annual basis, at a minimum, to ensure all devices are protected, Badenhorst said, adding there could be no longer be any weak links in the cyber security chain.

Companies have been urged to invest in different ways to become more threat-intelligent.

Kaspersky Lab has helped to prevent cyber incidents across 126 dealerships, geographically spread all over the country, and we believe that this step in IT security has aided the recent growth and success of our business.

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