Siemens expands investment in Ghana energy sector

Siemens Group Pic - VIP event AccraACCRA, (CAJ News) – GLOBAL technology firm, Siemens, has announced further significant investment in gas and steam energy generation projects in Ghana over the next three to five years.

Siemens will roll out a series of projects, including new gas and steam turbines contributing hundreds of megawatts to the national power grid in Ghana.

Speaking at an event in Accra, Siemens Southern and Eastern Africa CEO, Sabine Dall’Omo, said the global company was committed to assisting Ghana in meeting the country’s expanding energy needs.

“We have identified Ghana as one of our key countries and our further investment is aimed at helping the country reach its economic goals and secure it as a serious contender on the African continent,” Dall’Omo said.

With a current power generation capacity of 2936 MW, Ghana requires  significant further energy investment.

Hydropower is by far the largest contributor to the country’s energy supply at 1580 MW, and the Ghanaian government aims to increase overall  capacity to 5000 MW through harnessing renewable energy projects in the

One such project is for ENI in Sanzule where Siemens has been contracted to deliver two gas compression packages for its onshore receiving facility.

In this instance, Siemens has entered into a joint venture with local company Draper Oil and Gas Limited to form Siemens Oil and Gas.

“Siemens is committed to collaborating with Ghanaian companies to ensure  improved energy availability, building of local expertise as well as economic growth through job creation,” Dall’Omo said.

Siemens is also currently rolling out a steam turbine project with Group 5  in Kpone – the largest steam plant in the country contributing 350 MW to the grid. Another project under way is the Tema Thermal Power Plant.

Edmund Acheampong, a Ghanaian who has been working with Siemens in the United States, has been appointed as the new Ghana country manager of Siemens in Accra.

His team will be responsible for business development, sales and project  execution.

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