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Companies urged to double their protection against cyber terrorism

sand boxingJOHANNESBURG – FORTINET, a company that develops and markets cybersecurity software, has challenged South African institutions such as banks and the retail industry to adopt new concepts in technology so that they protect themselves from the more forms of advanced cyber threats that could disrupt their businesses.
John Ward, the systems engineer for Fortinet South Africa, said this during a roundtable presentation of “Sandboxing for businesses” in Rosebank recently during where he urged companies to update their systems to protect themselves from cyber terrorism.
Sandboxing is being able to detect threats that other security systems may miss by coaxing those threats into exposing themselves. A Sandbox gives you a chance to see into the future, into the unknown, explains Ward.
“The code that runs over your network spans a continuum from known good code to known bad or that includes malicious code.
“Sandboxing is our ability to take a piece of information from the network like a file or a script and execute it in a safe environment that will then allow us to determine whether it is a malicious piece of code that could damage our network or just let the user have it because it is malicious. It is a simple for us to determine whether something is dangerous or not.
“In a normal network we have signatures for things that are known good files or bad files and we can block based on that, but in scenario where we don’t know where the file is, the sandbox then allows us to inspect that file, detonate it in certain environment,” says Ward, whose company develops and markets appliances and services, such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention and endpoint security, as other software.
Ward emphasizes on Sandboxing because it fills in on the gap of the unknown.
“We don’t live in a black and white world, where everything is known to be good or bad. A lot is simply unknown. You are likely already running a number of security technologies to help protect your organization from malicious code and you are probably running technologies that help you identify good code. However, like most organizations, you are still at risk from the unknown. And that unknown gap in the code continuum is a significant one,” he argues
“We are encouraging companies to create secure systems that will provide holistic approach in sandboxing. The fact that you have a firewall is not good enough.”

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