Nigerian teachers, kids brace for digital economy

nigerian-teachersLAGOS, (CAJ News) – MORE than 200 teachers in the country are to undergo a technology training programme that ultimately aims to equip Nigerian youth with requisite skills to participate in the prevailing digital economy.

The trainings will be conducted for a period of two weeks in the major cities of Abuja and Lagos.

An initiative of SAP Africa, the continent’s foremost provider of enterprise application software and local entity of the
Germany-headquartered firm, the training comes ahead of the SAP Africa Code Week (ACW) 2016.

Seeking to empower African youth with coding skills through hands-on and playful learning, the aim for ACW 2016 is to double last year’s impact, with a target to reaching a minimum of 150 000 youth throughout 30 African countries, including Nigeria.

“However, the sustainability of initiatives such as ACW relies heavily on skilled volunteers,” said Kudzai Danha, Managing Director for SAP West Africa.

He said in order to train a new generation of digital economy workers in Africa, stakeholders needed to have skilled and knowledgeable instructors in place to provide mentorship, leadership and skills transfer to ACW participants.

“TTT workshops enable the teachers of today to enable the innovators of tomorrow by providing a platform for the transfer of skills and knowledge from ‘Master Instructors’ to parents, teachers and educators, empowering them to become teachers who can train students in their local communities.”

Lagos State’s Commissioner for Science and Technology, Olufemi Odubiyi, said Africa Code Week was an opportunity for government to deliver leaders for tomorrow’s challenges.

“We need to show Africa and the rest of the world what Nigeria and, more importantly, what driven and determined African youth, can achieve,” said Odubiyi.

Lagos Special Adviser on Education, Obafela Bank-Olemoh, said technology skills as envisaged put African youth on the path to successful careers.

“Large-scale literacy initiatives, such as ACW prove that public-private partnerships can be a strategic means to affect change. We are proud to be part of this programme,” said Bank-Olemoh.

The Nigeria TTT workshops will take place in Lagos on September 27 at the recently-constructed Digital Village.

The Abuja session is set for September 29 in partnership with National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools.

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