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Huawei, Vodacom fulfil 3G experience

HuaweiJOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – VODACOM and Huawei jointly achieved whole-network deployment of Dual-Carrier High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (DC-HSUPA) solution in South Africa.

DC-HSUPA offers an uplink peak rate twice as much as single-carrier uplink peak rate on UMTS networks.

A doubled peak rate puts Vodacom a better position to deliver enhanced mobile internet experience by combining advanced 4G networks with the fastest 3G networks.

Yu Xiao, President of Wireless Network UMTS Product Line of Huawei, says Huawei and Vodacom have a close cooperation.

“We have jointly completed the DC-HSDPA deployment.”

“With these deployments, we are able to help Vodacom offer high-speed service experience in both the uplink and downlink.”

In the future, the two companies will continue cooperation in their endeavor to maximize network efficiency and build networks that deliver better user experience.

As an HSPA+ feature introduced in 3GPP Release 9, DC-HSUPA aggregates two continuous carriers to give doubled uplink data rate.

Therefore, the uplink peak data can be increased from 5.76 Mbit/s to 11.5 Mbit/s on UMTS networks with this technology. At present, the technology is supported by the world’s major chip vendors, and the terminals supporting DC-HSUPA are also available on the market.

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