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Technology keeps festive season housebreakers at bay

Axis Communication Country Manager, Roy Alves
Axis Communication Country Manager, Roy Alves

JOHANNESBURG – THE proliferation of technologies and subsequent reduced prices has come as a major boost for South African homeowners eager to protect their properties from criminals.

The country usually experiences a spike in burglaries during the festive season but an expert believes this is set to be a thing of the past.

“The commoditization of both software and hardware is leading to reduced prices, making it even more affordable for the man in the street to protect his home with the very latest in video surveillance technology,” says Roy Alves, Country Manager, Axis Communication.

“Together with the aggressive roll out of fibre to the home, bringing with it much faster speeds that allow for the efficient transmission of high quality video, South African homes are about to get a whole lot smarter and safer,” he adds.

Alves recommends Perimeter Defender, which detects a potential intruder on the outside of one’s property, before they gain access.

“Prevention is always better than cure, and even more so when it comes to the protection of one’s family and assets.”

The expert also proposed Analytics and the Cloud.

The latter especially in retrieving vital data when thieves destroy evidence.

“Whilst they may still walk away with either your camera or home PC, storing your video in the cloud guarantees access to one’s surveillance footage no matter what.”

To complement technology, Alves urged homeowners to lock valuables away and out of sight.

– CAJ News

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