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Corrupt Zim cops swindle visiting motorists

zimbabwe-republic-police-zrpHARARE, (CAJ News) – SOME corrupt Zimbabwean police are milking motorists driving South African-registered vehicles of their money through trumped up traffic charges.
The crooked members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) demand bribes or issue false tickets to wrongly penalise the motorists, mostly Zimbabwean citizens visiting home from South Africa during the festive season.
Victims are falling prey particularly at road blocks along BeitBridge-Harare highway, which is a hive of activity during the period.
CAJ News Africa, whose executives were victims, are in possession of the names and force numbers of two officers that are spearheading the corruption at the roadblocks.
They are both constables.
The duo is from the Mvuma and Ngundu Police Stations.
In many cases, the pair would call aside unsuspecting drivers to request they pay small fee or be issued tickets for trumped up offences, some of caused by dilapidated, potholed Zimbabwean roads.
Lighting is also poor along Beitbridge – Harare highway.
“These two police officers would demand payments from R240 to R300 for offences that are non-existent,” said one driver of South African-registered Range Rover.
Another driving a BMW claimed he had been penalised of R1 200 while a driver of a Toyota Hilux alleged paying R800 for unclear charges.
A driver from Polokwane expressed outrage the money collected from tollgates was not used to upgrade highways.
“They (authorities) are only good at penalishing unsuspecting drivers for alleged offences committed on bad roads.
This is daylight robbery by the state,” he said.
Another driver who identified himself as Chuma, from Harare, said he was considering traveling by air on the next holiday.
Zimbabweans are expected to travel in their numbers back home for the Easter holiday in April.
“My family will from now on fly back home to avoid such glaring road criminals purporting to be ZRP officers,” he said.
There were no immediate comments from police spokesperson, Charity Charamba, and the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration.
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