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ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) and Instant Messaging (IM)JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) and Instant Messaging (IM) are poised to fundamentally change the service call experience.
This is according to an industry expert Nicholas O’Connor, who points out already, many companies are using social media and considering chatbots to address customer queries resulting in a rethink of how service resolution may be optimised.
“The evolution of these developments is enabling the provision of mobile service solutions with enhanced customer experience,” says O’Connor.
He is the strategic business development consultant at, the mobile apps and strategy firm.
O’Connor says in South Africa, the use of smart devices and mobile data are changing shopping and service behaviour and as a result, embracing social media as a channel to resolve queries and support the brand experience is becoming a business imperative.
He says companies will need to adapt their call centres, and effectively analyse data to optimise the client experience.
“Social media is a driver of competitive change which is accelerating. Businesses will need to embrace IM service solutions effectively within their own operating environments. Instant messaging and service automation will require technology platforms which support multiple IM channels and integrate human and automated agents.”
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