Africa-Americas undersea cable nears completion

brazil-cameroon-undersea-cableLUANDA, (CAJ News) – ANGOLA Cables has taken a step closer to completing a valuable new route that will link  Africa and the Americas.
Called the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS), it will connect Angola to Brazil.
Angola Cables has completed the marine survey for the project.
SACS is a 40 TeraBits Per Second (Tbps) cable — 6,165 km in length — with four fibre pairs. Offering the first direct, high-capacity southern transatlantic connection. It will be ready in the middle of 2018 and will offer the first direct, high-capacity southern transatlantic connection.
With the marine survey successfully completed, Angola Cables assures that the cable will be deployed in the best route, thus avoiding hazardous points, a crucial factor in ensuring longevity of SACS.
“These key milestones illustrate that the SACS cable is on target for completion as Angola Cables continues to build sales momentum for delivery of services on SACS by the middle of 2018,” said Artur Mendes, Chief Commercial Officer for Angola Cables.
He said increasingly, customers were turning to the southern transatlantic route for diversification and security.
SACS, coupled with Monet cable system and the existing West Africa Cable System (WACS) cable, will provide unparalleled value amid demand in the marketplace.
Angola Cables is one of he 12 members of the consortium that manages WACS, a cable system which provides carrier level services to operators in Angola and Sub-Saharan Africa across 11 countries.
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