Innovation to revolutionise Africa healthcare services

SAP LOGOFLORIDA – AFRICAN hospitals are perfectly poised to leapfrog some of the problems experienced by their peers in more developed countries, technology experts said.
SAP Africa Healthcare Industry Principal, Charmaine Odendaal, said technology innovations would play a key role in enabling this breakthrough.
“Digital transformation enables better administration and automates repetitive tasks for hospital staff, who are in short supply not only in Africa, but around the world,” Odendaal said.
She said technology becomes an enabling tool that lifts some of the pressure off the healthcare professional, leaving them to focus on the most important part of their job: caring for patients.
“SAP values its role in Africa and around the world in providing the technology platform that enables digital transformation within the healthcare sector, helping hospitals run simpler and improving the level of care and service to patients.”
Peter Mills, Head of Healthcare, T-Systems, said without the right core system in place, hospitals will struggle to unlock the true benefits of digital transformation.
He said the healthcare sector was moving away from simple treatment to a
more patient-centric model that prioritises quality of care.
“As hospitals compete for talent and customers, their ability to deliver quality care in an efficient and cost-effective way will be the key differentiating factor in their success.”
T-Systems works closely with the SAP Africa team to drive the digital transformation agenda within the healthcare sector.
“Our partner SAP provides a platform that enables hospitals to standardise
processes across departments,” said Mills.
He said their cloud-based delivery reduced the need for capitalexpenditure, freeing up funds for additional facilities and equipment.
“In addition, hospitals gain real-time analysis and execution of all data, including debtors, patient records, invoicing and more,” Mills added. SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software.
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