SAP marathon sponsorship promotes health awareness

Gilbert Saggia SAP Managing Director for East Africa
Gilbert Saggia SAP Managing Director for East Africa

NAIROBI – THE upcoming 18th Tusk’s annual Lewa Safaricom Marathon has received a timely boost after SAP East Africa, the enterprise application software company, announced its sponsorship of and participation.
The prominent race is scheduled for the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on Saturday. The marathon gives runners from around the world the opportunity to compete in an internationally acclaimed event while running through one of Africa’s most breathtaking wildlife conservancies.
A group of SAP employees will be among the 1 000 runners from over 20 different countries participating in this event Runner’s World has listed in its Top Ten Must Do Marathon list.
“SAP is excited to pledge its support towards this sporting initiative which has contributed significantly towards community projects across Kenya, using wildlife conservancy as a catalyst for alleviating poverty, reducing conflict, and improving education and livelihoods in rural areas rich in biodiversity,” said Gilbert Saggia, Managing Director: East Africa at SAP Africa.
In addition to its sponsorship of KSh 700 000(US$6 755), SAP East Africa is donating FitBit health performance tracking devices to ensure that employees remain fit throughout the marathon and perform well.
Saggia believes organisations can play an important role in eliminating health issues such as depression and disability that are crippling the African economy.
By creating a digitally healthy working environment that promotes work-life balance, and encouraging workers to take part in sporting activities such as the Tusk’s Safaricom Marathon, companies can make a meaningful contribution to a healthy workforce, and healthy population, the executive said.
“SAP encourages a healthy environment by promoting physical activity among employees, customers, and partners. We believe that, just as a business needs a healthy environment to drive innovation and growth, so employees require healthy habits to avoid preventable diseases.”
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