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Research suggests rampant rise in cyber attacks

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – THERE is a marked increase in new and enhanced malicious tools sophisticated threat actors are using to target businesses .
The trend has been noted in the Kaspersky Lab’s latest quarterly threat intelligence summary.
Kaspersky highlighted such threats to include three zero-day exploits and two unprecedented attacks: WannaCry and ExPetr during the months from April to end June.
The threat actors are Chinese, English, Korean and Russian-speaking.
These developments have far-reaching implications for business IT security.
Kaspersky stated the sophisticated malicious activity is happening continuously almost everywhere in the world, increasing the risk of companies and non-commercial organisations becoming collateral damage in cyber warfare.
“We have long maintained the importance of truly global threat intelligence to aid defenders of sensitive and critical networks,” said Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade, Senior Security Researcher,
Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Lab.
The official said they continued witnessing the development of overzealous attackers with no regard for the health of the Internet and those in vital institutions and businesses who rely on it on a daily basis.
“As cyberespionage, sabotage, and crime run rampant, it’s all the more important for defenders to band together and share cutting-edge knowledge to better defend against all threats,” Guerrero-Saade said.

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