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Mentorship and learning platform for women

President TWA, Irene Kiwia, speaks during the official launch of Twaa, in Dar es Salaam
President TWA, Irene Kiwia, speaks during the official launch of Twaa, in Dar es Salaam

From ALLOYCE KIMBUNGA in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania
DAR-ES-SALAAM, (CAJ News) – AN online portal and mobile app designed to provide mentorship and learning on the go for girls and women in Africa has been launched in Tanzania.
Twaa Mentorship, launched by the Tanzania Women of Achievement (TWA) in Dar es Salaam, it is the result of TWA’s continued work in transformation programs for women and girls that started in 2009 with the mission to improve lives, expand opportunities and help women across Tanzania flourish and in turn help societies, the country and the continent prosper.
Twaa Mentorship also features a helpline from professional psychologists for emotional support and advice, a goal setting and task management feature to help girls set and execute plans strategically, as well as Kinara, a feature for girls to share their personal journeys and inspire each other.
Speaking at the launch, Irene Kiwia, TWA Founder and President, said the one-on-one mentorship and knowledge sharing on the go would help facilitate the growth of girls by enhancing their skills, empowering them to perform to their highest capabilities and helping them realize their full potential.
“Twaa mentoring platform is like a GPS system to help guide girls with directions,” she said.
Kiwia said the initiative bridges the existing gap where women wanted to give back and pay it forward by uplifting others, but were challenged by lack of time for face to face interactions due to their multi roles in the society.
“Girls everywhere in Africa are seeking for mentors to guide and shape them but are challenged with access to mentors,” said Kiwia.
The app was developed with support from Shule Direct, a social enterprise that provides local and accessible digital learning content for young learners across Tanzania and Africa.

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