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Subscribers furious as operator ‘steals’ their data

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – LOCAL mobile network operators continue incurring the wrath of subscribers as their data depletes inexplicably.
Subscribers took to social media to vent their anger against Vodacom, the country’s biggest operator, taking the company to task over the depletion.
The hashtag #VodacomStole MyData became the narrative on social media as subscribers shared their grievances.
Enraged clients went as far as denouncing through the #VodacomIsTrash.
One twitter user described their ordeal, “Now I’m left with 284mb, 4mins ago it was 500mb what must I do now? I have work that needs data I don’t have.”
She provided a screen shot to strengthen her case.The network provider was tagged in the post.
Vodacom responded to the crisis through its official account, pleading for subscribers to be patient as they corrected the error.
This further aggravated aggrieved clients who responded bluntly and unapologetically.
Another user complained of the call centre not taking subscriber calls.
“Buy Vodacom airtime and data at your own risk …they are not taking our (calls),” he tweeted.
Vodacom responded in the early hours of Tuesday.
“All related out-of-bundle charges are being refunded and depleted bundles are reinstated. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience,” the operator tweeted.
Nonetheless, two hours after the post, impatient subscribers said they waited in vain.
“Still waiting for my data fam @TelkomZA. Ask @StandardBankZA how it worked out when they took my R2k in Kimberly. @FNBSA what’s good?”
Another advised, “Vodacom must compensate each and every one who uses voda….this thing has been happening for too long but we were not aware that we are been taken for a ride. For peace sake compensate all your customers.”
With a following of 7765 twitter followers and 1 285 million Facebook likes, the service provider has its work cut out for it just on social media.
– CAJ News

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