Cameroon shuts down internet in protesting regions

Cameroon protestsYAOUNDE  – A DIGITAL rights advocacy organisation has condemned the ongoing internet shutdown in some Cameroonian regions protesting alleged marginalisation by government.
There have been reports of a total blackout in the Anglophone regions of the country while the Francophone areas are experiencing social media blockage.
Paradigm Initiative, the advocacy group, pointed out the internet shutdown was directly connected to the agitation in the Anglophone regions for independence. Government has reacted with brutality with several protesters killed in clashes with security forces.
“This ongoing shutdown is particularly worrying because the government sent out a press statement dated September 27, promising not to shut down the internet,” said Gbenga Sesan, Paradigm Initiative’s Executive Director.
“It is frustrating that the government has turned around to go against its own words, all within a few days,” Sesna added.
According to the rights group, internet shutdowns constitute an unacceptable affront to citizens’ freedom of expression and are disastrous for the economy of the affected regions.
“The ease with which African governments shut down the internet threatens the future of democracy and the nascent digital economy on the continent,” said Boye Adegoke, a program manager with Paradigm Initiative.

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