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Enterprise resource planning increasingly going mobile

Stuart Scanlon, Managing Director of epic ERP .PHOTO:GIFT NDOLWANE
Stuart Scanlon, Managing Director of epic ERP .PHOTO:GIFT NDOLWANE

JOHANNESBURG, (CAJ News) – DIGITAL transformation dictates that companies should be agile in adopting enterprise software from a mobile device.
According to experts, such a system is the lifeblood of the business, enabling employees to connect into those core processes and participate even if they are not sitting at their desk at work.
“In an increasingly connected world, companies are embracing mobile as an effective platform to communicate, manage employees and reach customers or suppliers,” Stuart Scanlon, Managing Director of epic ERP said in Johannesburg.
“This is seeing traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions evolving to be more cognisant of an active user base that requires real-time information irrespective of their physical location,” he added.
Scalon pointed out in the current environment, decision-makers must continuously evaluate how adaptable they are to utilising mobile to pull relevant data from a multitude of sources.
In turn, this data is used to develop customised products and services catering for end-users that are expecting a bespoke approach.
“While there will always be a need for off-the-shelf solutions, the growth in accessibility to information means people want their solutions providers to use the information they have about them to produce more tailored offerings,” Scalon said.
The executive projected this would help African entrepreneurs leapfrog traditional economies, as more innovative technology could be used from the start.
“It therefore makes sense that mobile ERP has been identified as a business imperative in the digital world. Being able to use ERP that is untethered to an office environment, provides the user with the ability to take advantage of more enhanced business capabilities than was previously available,” Scalon said.
According to the expert, digital disruptors are dislodging ageing business models despite the slow rate of adoption among some industries.
“Despite the advantages to be gained from mobile ERP, this segment of the business is traditionally slow-moving and resistant to change. While some of it might have to do with perceptions around virtualised and hosted solutions, a lot of the hesitation to adopt more mobile solutions can be ascribed to the level of integration required in the business,” Salon said.
He however warned companies to avoid the temptation of trying to be “too flashy” with their mobile ERP installations.
“By starting off slowly and gradually bringing in more features, users can get used to the benefits of mobile ERP without being distracted from the business objectives. It also provides the business with the opportunity to get valuable feedback from users and refine and enhance the mobile ERP offering based on growth requirements.”
Epic ERP is a leading implementation software systems specialist in South Africa.
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