3 billion MBs of data for FNB customers

Christoph Nieuwoudt_CEO_FNB Consumer.jpg
Christoph Nieuwoudt_CEO_FNB Consumer.jpg

JOHANNESBURG – FIRST National Bank customers are set to benefit from a windfall of 3,3 billion megabytes of data as a reward for using the bank’s digital platforms.
The data incentive will be available from November 1 until January 31, 2018.
Dr Christoph Nieuwoudt, Chief Executive Officer of FNB Consumer, said the reward would go a long way to helping customers save on data costs over the festive period.
“The festive season period is characterised by a culture of spending and for some consumers, a large portion of their spend goes towards data, hence getting this benefit could help such customers to keep their costs within budget,” he said.
In addition to being rewarded for using the banking App, customers will also be rewarded for taking up any of the newly launched ConeXis smartphone deals or qualifying FNB banking products.
The bank’s move also signals its intent to make FNB Connect a telco provider of choice and their strategy already has a head start with over 500 000 SIMs already active of the network.
In September, FNB Connect introduced the latest ConeXis X2 and A2 smartphones with competitive packages to advance the bank’s digital migration strategy.

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