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Tech trends to expect in 2018

JOHANNESBURG – BLOCKCHAIN, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and virtual and augmented reality, have the potential to deliver disruptive outcomes and reshape digital business in 2018.
This is according to a leading technology company, which warned that firms that have not started the digital investment cycle are at high risk of being disrupted.
Dimension Data has made the projections in its IT predictions for 2018,just published.
The top trend for the coming year is the adoption of Blockchain – the technology behind Bitcoin – and its immense potential to disrupt and transform the world of money, business, and society using a variety of applications.
Ettienne Reinecke, Dimension Data’s Group Chief Technology Officer, said Blockchain had gone from strength to strength.
“Last year, when we looked at the top digital business trends for 2017, we predicted that centralised transaction models would come under attack. We were spot on,” Reinecke said.
“In the financial services sector, we’ve seen the US and European capital markets moving onto Blockchain platforms, and similar activity in markets such as Japan. Considering how conservative and compliance-focused this sector is, that’s quite remarkable.”
Reinecke predicts that Blockchain will also deliver on the promise of Internet of Things (IoT) in the year ahead.
In 2018, some interesting applications of Blockchain and IoT in the area of cybersecurity will emerge.
Another exciting trend to look forward to is the boom in new wireless technologies that will enable IoT and bring us a step closer to the dream of pervasive connectivity. Some of these advancements will include 5G and Gbps Wi-Fi, new controls, virtual beacon technology, and low power, long distance radio frequency.
There is also a “digital fight-back” coming on the part of certain incumbent players.
“I predict that a number of digitally transformed incumbents will successfully start reclaiming their markets because they have more
credibility, longer histories, an established customer base, and assets that can stand the test of time,” said Reinecke.

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