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The telephone system to look after your business

Rob LithBy ROB LITH  Business Development Director: Telviva
WHY manage your telephone system, a complicated and time-consuming business, when someone else will do it for you? That’s the first question I ask when discussing managed, cloud-hosted PBX systems.
Put simply, it’s a telephone system that’s managed by a service provider on your behalf, so you can focus on your bottom line. And it does that in several ways.
Security made easy
The obvious benefit of an all-digital telephonic system is that it can’t be tapped, which isn’t true for on premise PBX systems that still use traditional copper cables. But really, being tapped is the least of your problems. “How do you know when an employee is abusing your line, or has unauthorised access and is using it to make international calls,” asks Lith. “You don’t, not until the bill arrives at least.” That’s because it’s your job to monitor every single call made using your line. What if it wasn’t?
With a managed service in the cloud, it would be the job of your provider to do that instead. Some more capable companies even have analytic tools to identify, query and cancel out of rate calls, calls made to problematic destinations, and even compromised calls.
A cloud PBX provider, thanks to economy of numbers, can offer the very best security technology at a much lower cost than you could if you were to implement the technology yourself.
Continuity at the click of a button
This is an easy but no less important advantage of a cloud-based PBX – drastically reduced downtime. Lose internet connectivity in the office? No problem; by simply logging onto a PBX app on any mobile device, employees always have access to one another and, most importantly, customers always have access to you. Calls will simply be diverted to those mobile devices.
I shouldn’t need to emphasise just how important customer experience is these days. In fact, a single missed call is often enough to lose a customer for good, especially because they’re often phoning with an issue or complaint. It’s very likely that a phone call is their final point of contact in an online world.
Another strength of a cloud service is that snapshots (backups) of your data are made at regular intervals and stored in multiple locations for additional redundancy. So long as you have internet connectivity, your data and telephonic system will always be available.
Convenient compliance
How do you ensure the quick resolution of a complaint when a customer is arguing about a previous conversation that took place over the phone? “Thanks to the cloud, all calls are recorded and can be stored for easy access – in full compliance with any regulations or regulatory bodies concerned with data management,” notes Lith. “And a complete audit trail keeps you abreast of all changes made to the system and who made them.”
Scalability on demand
Your business is always growing and changing, but where exactly it will be in two years’ time isn’t always easy to predict. How many internal calls will you need to handle, will you be using video conferencing, and will you open new offices or change premises? That’s before you’ve factored in end of life hardware and the digital age’s penchant for disruptive technology, which your customers will inevitably want to use.
By offering immediate scalability, automated updates, new functionality and eliminating the concern for hardware obsolescence, a cloud-hosted PBX takes care of all of that for you . That makes growing your business a much simpler, less expensive endeavour.
Ultimately, a cloud-hosted PBX simplifies your operations, lowers costs, and in many cases, will look after your business for you.
About Telviva
Telviva is the flagship service by Connection Telecom, one of the leading technology firms in South Africa.

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