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Space-age technology to save drought-stricken SA

Cape Town car washing in a different style
Cape Town car washing in a different style

CAPE TOWN – SOUTH Africa’s water-based car washes have been encouraged to switch to water-less polymer-based vehicle cleaning to ease the impact of drought afflicting the country.

Waterless carwash products distributor PearlSA made the call through its ‘Be A Hero’ campaign.

By joining the initiative, companies across drought-stricken South Africa will be lending their support to PearlSA’s quest to create thousands of water-less mobile car washes this summer.

“Some dams are already down to single digits in terms of their water percentages,” says Neels Van Greune, Chief Operations Officer of PearlSA.

“In a dry country like ours (South Africa), no water should be used to clean a car, ever. Even recycled water could be put to much better use. Water is water. It’s valuable and doesn’t belong on a car.”

Van Greune says PearlSA’s products are used the world over by leading car rental firms, government departments, industrial concerns, and small operators seeing the need for mobile carwashes able to travel to a client’s home or work location.

“Our technology is space-age,” the executive says.

Dirt particles are liquefied and encapsulated by special premium grade polymers and gently ‘lifted and suspended’ away from the vehicle surface. The encapsulated dirt is then trapped by the microscopic fibres of special PearlSA-supplied cloths that are used to complete the vehicle cleaning process.

The company’s waterless formulation contains Nano and Carnauba waxes which seal the vehicle’s base metal while coating the paint surface at the same time for double protection.

Main towns such as Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town have a high concentration of car wash businesses.

Cape Town is the worst affected by the worst drought in years.

– CAJ News




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