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Scammers con job seekers in the name of SAA

South African Airways
South African Airways

JOHANNESBURG – FRAUDSTERS are swindling unsuspecting job seekers of their money with the false promise of securing them employment in the South African Airways (SAA).

The daring impostors are running a bogus recruitment campaign purportedly to offer training to potential cabin crew members, with a promise of payment of R6, 000 monthly during a six-month training exercise and eventual employment when the hopefuls would be paid 13 000 monthly.

Prospective trainees are urged to pay R200 each to secure accommodation, said to be in high demand, at the SAA Academy’s supposed hostels in Kemptom Park east of Johannesburg.

The hoaxers claiming to be from the Human Resources (HR) Department demand that payment be made before Sunday (January 21) ahead of training resuming the following day.

However, the communication is done by private email. Oddly, the fraudsters claim their telephone lines are “out of order” at the moment due to “renovations” at the HR Department.

“We won’t be contacting any applicants via telephone and won’t be receiving any calls during the renovations and construction process,” read the advert.

The advertisement for non-existent job, according to the phony advertisers is said to have generated “enormous” response (sic) from interested candidates from all over the country and successful applicants have been selected after the “SAA HR team” “manually” went through the applications.

Tlali Tlali, SAA spokesperson, decried the recurrence of such schemes.

“This is a scam and the matter has been reported with the police for possible criminal investigation,” he said.

“We are not running any such recruitment and would not ask for such payment. There is no such training taking place on Monday.”

Tlali lamented, “The fraudsters behind this scam are heartless and selfish individuals who want to prey on unsuspecting members of the public keen to find employment at SAA.”

He added the scammers were always perfecting their modus operandi.

“We have issued various media statements on this and every time we do so, they adapt their so called advert to cure defects we point out.”

– TechnoAfrica / CAJ News






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