Data Centre Management in a Time of Drought

data centreJOHANNESBURG, – Data centres are utility-hungry installations that require always-on supplies of power and cooling gobbles  as much as two percent of the world energy consumption .

As our demand for data, and the infrastructure in which to store it,skyrockets, the data centre industry has demonstrated remarkable ability to improve energy efficiency as it scales. While this technology is currently developed outside South Africa’s borders, threats to our utilities – first load shedding and now the drought in Cape Town – has prompted fresh thinking when local data centres are built and extended.

The fact is that data centres cannot be allowed to go dark – not for lack of electricity or water. The effects of a total loss of data on commercial,financial and government services would be catastrophic.

Internet Solutions’ Bree Street data centre, online since 2007, is an example of legacy infrastructure that was designed with water chillers when the resource was plentiful.

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