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MTN takes aim at rapid IoT growth potential

MTN Group, photo by CAJ News
MTN Group, photo by CAJ News

JOHANNESBURG – MTN has invested R30 billion (US$2,5 billion) over the past three years to upgrade and stabilise its network infrastructure, officials confirmed as the company outlined plans to explore Internet of Things (IoT) growth potential.

“As MTN continues to expand its footprint, the company has invested an average of R10 billion rand each year over the past three years to upgrade and stabilise its network infrastructure which allows the above-mentioned solutions to operate seamlessly,” said David Mphelo, MTN Business General Manager for Public Sector.

Mphelo meanwhile said IoT was increasingly becoming more a part of day-to-day activities, driven by mobile connectivity.

He said it was high time the company harnessed the full power of IoT to change course for the betterment of the lives of citizens.

Mphelo said MTN Business had realised this need and is actively developing solutions to assist the public sector as they move toward embracing the digital tools at their disposal.

MTN is already finding new ways to implement early warning systems to guard against the impact of natural disasters.

According to a 2017 GreenCape market intelligence report, 37 percent of South Africa’s water supply is lost through leaks across many cities.

In Gauteng, water lost through leaks has spiraled to over 30 million

It is believed the deployment of IoT solutions in the drought-ravaged Western Cape could assist the government and its water management utilities by proactively ensuring the scarce commodity is not lost through wastage and leaking pipes.

Many of South Africa’s municipalities are said to operate using legacy processes and business models that, in the digital era, are not
best-suited to provide citizens provide enhanced services.

Mphelo said disruptive service delivery remained a national concern and point for potential protests.

“It is time to harness the full power of IoT to change course for the
betterment of the lives of all citizens,” he said.

– CAJ News




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