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Inter-continental undersea cable enters crucial phase

Submarine cable that connects Africa, Asia and Europe
Submarine cable that connects Africa, Asia and Europe

JOHANNESBURG – THE 12 000-kilometre submarine cable to connect Africa, Asia and Europe has entered the manufacturing and material stage.

Known as the PEACE Cable project, it is targeted to be ready for service in the first quarter of 2020.

PEACE Cable International Network, Ltd, a subsidiary of HENGTONG Group, and Huawei Marine Networks Co, has confirmed the development.

Once complete, the high-speed, 200G, 16Tbps per fibre pair cable system will offer the shortest routes from China to Europe and Africa, dramatically reducing latency and providing a new information expressway for interconnection between the regions.

The system’s open access and carrier neutral data centres will have a big impact in the countries connected to the cable system.

PEACE Cable has signed cooperation agreements to land the network in Somalia and Seychelles to boost local network service quality in both nations.

This project’s cable had been awarded to HENGTONG Marine, a subsidiary of HENGTONG Group.

Sun Xiaohua, Chief Operating Officer of PEACE Cable said, “PEACE Cable has created a new business model in the submarine cable industry that builds a bridge for these regions communications and provides connectivity opportunities to players all along the route by investing in the branches and gaining bandwidth on the trunk in a more efficient way.”

Zhang Hongxiang, Project Delivery Director of Huawei Marine, said they were excited to work with this creative network, which was open to connect along the route on any of the potential points.

However ,with the commerce of cable manufacture, such extensions were dependent on the plan of work.

“Players who get on board soon will secure better flexibility on this network,” Hongxiang said.

– CAJ News

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