ICTs the bedrock of future SA growth

April 19, 2019 4:24 am6 comments
General Manager of ICTGlobe, Riaan van Stryp

General Manager of ICTGlobe, Riaan van Stryp

JOHANNESBURG – TECHNOLOGY will continue to help solve South Africa’s myriad of challenges but that will depend on local companies’ success in automating the information and communications technology (ICT) systems.

This is according to an industry executive, Riaan van Stryp, who maintained confidence technology would address such issues as crime and enhance economic growth.

“From anti-crime cameras deployed with great effect in our cities, to world-class computational systems that ensure we run better elections than much of the developed world, ICT is becoming the bedrock of our society upon which future SA growth will be based,” he said.

Van Stryp is the General Manager of ICTGlobe, a telecommunications network company.

He nonetheless said much of this growth would depend on local companies automating their ICT systems.

“By automating, you’re essentially freeing up human resources to focus on their own growth and development,” van Stryp explained.

Automating is to make a process in a factory or office operate by machines or computers, in order to reduce the amount of work done by humans and the time taken to do the work.

Van Stryp said automating the ordering system frees up the sales team to focus on customer service and training new resellers to focus on the sale of services without getting tied up in manual processes.

“Machines can process while humans can focus on after-sales client happiness,” the executive said.

He said business automation was the catalyst to upskill entry-level staff.

Why have a human being repeatedly undertaking the same routine tasks when a machine will do, leaving the person to be developed by the organisation into a much more valuable, and fulfilled, resource?” van Stryp asked.

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