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Allegiant Stadium Technology Critical To Fan Experience

defaultJOHANNESBURG :- MOBILE bandwidth has become an issue in sports venues. Most of the time, the bandwidth is congested during sporting events affecting fans’ experience greatly.


The current fans like to follow sporting events live on online platforms like Betway or in a particular league like ABSA Premiership preview while in the stadium.


As such, it has become imperative that sports clubs partner with technology companies to give their fans a great experience in the games. Some have already taken the initiative; for instance, there are new NFL stadiums that are aiming to convey to their fans state-of-the-art technology integration.


Las Vegas’ Allegiant stadium and Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium are the pioneers of this new wave of technologically empowered stadiums. Mathew Pasco, the Raider’s vice president of technology, claimed that the team did not control the stadium due to a lack of technological advancements.


Mr. Paco claimed that “Connectivity is like a public utility; it is a requirement.” He alluded to the fact that advances in home theatres and the capability to follow sporting events from home with large screens, means that the stadiums have to offer something extra special for the fans to come out.


The raiders sought the expertise of a tech company by signing a partnership with the Cox business to bring fast optical internet to their venue. The 2 billion USD Allegiant stadium will have 1,700 Wi-Fi access points backed by redundant 40-gigabit internet connections. This infrastructure can take care of each mobile device in the 65,000-seater stadium. The connections will include more than 227 miles of fiber, 2,200 Samsung screens, and a host of other fan interaction elements like virtual meet and greet.


According to Skarpi Hedinsson, the Hollywood Park and SoFi Stadium chief of technology, these technological advancements help the venue to know every visitor in the place, fostering both security and marketing. Hedinson believes that the needs of the fans are only going to rise as to the application of mobile tech. These needs could be serviceable, products, tickets, concessions, or integrated betting on online casinos the likes of Betway, among others.


The technology is only used to enhance why people are at the stadiums, which is to see a good sporting episode. Fans have espoused and increased their reliance on mobile technology exerting pressure on the management of teams to provide mobile solutions.


Teams that fail to meet these peculiar needs risk backlash from their fans. Those that get it right bring the fan experience to another level, beneficial to both the team and the fans.


And as Hedinsson insists, it should not be technology for technology’s sake. The main focus should be to improve the experience of the fans as they attend their favorite sporting events, supporting their teams.

The challenge for the sports venues managers is to stay on top of things technologically in line with fans’ needs. The tech world is ever-changing, and any infrastructure installation should have an eye to future expansion or improvement.

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