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Justine launches anti-ageing range for African women


JOHANNESBURG – JUSTINE, the beauty products firm, has launched cutting-edge anti-ageing range specifically formulated for African women.

Available with immediate effect, A-Firm Brightening, the tailor-made solution, has been introduced following realisation that ethnic women with darker hued skin often struggle with pigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone as they age.

It is clinically proven to even skin tone, reduce the appearance of blemishes and combat uneven skin tone.

In addition to its even tone benefits, A-Firm Brightening also addresses other ageing concerns, such as fine lines and loss of volume which leads to sagging and hallow skin, this range will provide firmer results with a matte finish, according to Justine.

“The development of A-Firm Brightening bears testimony to our ongoing quest to understand and deliver to the diverse needs of our consumers, bringing customised products that cater to the unique challenges facing them,” Momin Hukamdad, Justine Executive Marketing Director, said.

The official said A-Firm Brightening was a “game changer” that would help address the ageing concerns of dark-skinned customers who had been seeking an effective and clinically proven solution to address their skincare needs.

“We believe that this solution will be a must-have product for our customers that will be an integral part of their daily skin care routine,” Hukamdad said.

A number of factors cause uneven skin tone.

In South Africa, warm climate increases exposure to sunlight, which triggers the over production of melanin resulting in the appearance of brown spots and uneven skin.

Other factors are the use of contraception or because of pregnancy as well as post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

A-Firm Brightening combines cutting-edge skin brightening and firming technology with ten botanical actives comprising of wheatgerm extracts, argan oil, rice bran oil, sunflower seed extracts, neem seed extracts, grape extracts, grape seed extracts, mulberry extracts, skullcap root extracts and saxifraga sarmentosa, commonly known as strawberry geranium.

The combination of botanical actives has numerous anti-ageing benefits, which also help to maintain oil control and increase women skin’s elasticity.

A-Firm Brightening has been clinically proven to decrease the appearance of pigmentation and dark spots in as little as three days when using the hero product of the range, the A-Firm Brightening Even Tone Serum.

– CAJ News

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